It’s been too long. 

25 07 2017

Hey yall. 
As you know I’ve been struck down with multiple sever disabilities and have been off the bike and using a wheelchair for 3 years. 
A couple or months I decided that the weight I’d had gained needed to go. 
I can’t exercise or cycle like I used to, so I set out a VIGOROUSLY healthy eating plan, not a diet  but a lifestyle change. 

I’ve since lost over 3 stone / 36lbs by simply making a healthy choice. 

I wanted you all to know that despite the horrendous time I’ve had, there’s always hope, I won’t ever become to cyclist nor inspiration  I once was, but I hope this post has helped those who still come here in thire thousands to read my story. 

This is another chapter, the book is never finished, who knows what the next chapter will bring. 



One Year one, we’d like to share our memories with you.

18 07 2015

After this post I have decided to post, episodically, my demise from the highs of award winning cyclist, to wheelchair bound  none cyclist.

There are many reasons behind it.

It’ll be one of many highs and lows….but it’ll be open and honest and hopefully inspiring.

For now, enjoy our moment with us, its taken us MANY MANY Years to get here but WE DID IT !

It’s Been A While.

7 07 2015

A new dawn is coming.

A new honesty

A new direction

A new set of goals

A new life


This is just  a prelude to anyone who is still here to say, a proper blog post is coming and coming soon. !


My review of Wicked monkey cycle wear

25 12 2014

The easiest way of reviewing the clothing offered by wicked monkey cycle wear  would be to post up the photos I have of me cycling with the jerseys from them on.

Sadly, the photos are from before I retired from cycling some 12 months ago &  are currently held on my Samsung Galaxy s5,however, sadly this phone is one I’ve not seen since the summer, I’m hoping I’ll have it back shortly &  I’ll duly add photos then.

Until such a time all I can say for anyone who is taller or rounder than your average emaciated cyclist is to use wicked monkey

I’m asked almost daily where the larger cyclist should shop.
There is nowhere better, I’ve used aerotech from the states and while a nice fit, they don’t come close on style or comfort

You’ll get amazing advice and service from Iain &  Kate &  of course a great deal of comfort when cycling

So if today you’ve got a bike because in the new year your going to lose weight and need to know where to shop, well now you know

Tell them Gaz sent you


Its over.

30 08 2014

As many of you know ,I have a few disabilities


Ankylosing spondylitis

Spinal stenosis

Along with other issues such as

Slipped disks



I know people look to me to be inspired,however , its time I admit what I’ve known for a long time

I’m broken, fundamentally broken

I can’t cycle ,walking is nigh on impossible over a couple of steps and I’m using mobility aids

I can’t stand for pain,sitting hurts and I need help tobdo basic everyday tasks

See obesity didn’t kill me ,but like a scene from the movie final destination, it caught up with me in the end .

Its been a blast but I need time out to see if there’s anyway I can come back from where I am again

This time its unlikely , but never bet against Gas, you never know!!!

For now the cycling shoes are hung up ,the bikes silent and the kit smelling fresh ,I loved my time as a cyclist and as an inspiration,but for now,its someone else’s turn to have a go.

Live strong


The Wedding Of Mr & Mrs Rogers-Brennan – Photos By Howard Wilkinson

28 07 2014

We decided not to sell the photo’s of our weding to “OK” or “Hello” for £1 Million and instead share them with you guys, our loyal readers for free :0)

Tracy Brennan and I have known each other since we were children, and while we have been in contact for a number of years, it felt like events of the times were such that, we’d only ever be able to be very good friends.

However, we both belived in fairytails and makebelieve and we NEVER EVER gave up hope.

We continued to fight and forge ahead with we wanted and then like magic, things fell into place, it was all our hard work and determination to be happy that lead us to this.

and so a couple of weeks ago, Tracy and I became Man and Wife.

You might think, happy ending to a long and drawn out story- but the story isnt over, were on the last chapter but please trust me when I say, there is a LOT more from us,sadly though,for now, thats all we can say…..So sit back and enjoy the wedding photos.

There is a lack of guest photos, some photos are best kept private.


















Photos By Howard Wilkinson


In Short – I Give The World “Mrs Gaz”

24 07 2014

Not much time , however I wanted you all to share in the moment that Childhood sweethearts got married after years of trying to make believe.


A proper and full update will come, theres a heck of a lot to inform you all off.


For now, I give you My Rock, Mrs Gaz


39 stone cyclist get married39 stone cyclist get married

39 stone cyclist get married39 stone cyclist get married

The 39 stone cyclist does #nomakeupselfie ish

19 03 2014

my #nomakeupselfie but I’m #madeup text BEAT to 70099 to donate.

I’ll always do my bit to help those less fortunate than myself, even if  look like a bit (lot) of a fool


I fell in love with cycling – This is what it repaid me with.

26 02 2014

Being off the bike currently is difficult , so its good to look back.


former 39 stone cyclist gary brennan


So while my cycling future hangs by a thread due to my ill health , my history will always be there as a legacy to those who need help/inspiration or just to be told “Your not alone”





The Broken , Fixed, Former 39 Stone Cyclist Cyclist.

8 12 2013

It’s been over 12 months since since I declared i had been fixed from a debilitating eating disorder (Selective Eating Disorder)

Things have been relatively easy considering I was literally debilitated by it from being a toddler.

There isnt anything I am no longer willing to try , even foods I said i’d NEVER eat , it just takes having the will and the right motivator to be able to do it.

^Graphic Content^

It’s not all been totally plain sailing though , one of the things that caused my SED was choking on food to the point of passing out as a youngster (there were a few other evens in close succession but that was always the major factor in my mind)

It is with difficulty then that I recall something that happened this summer, I was home alone , eating a vindaloo when off of a sudden , my wind pipe became TOTALLY blocked with food.

I hadn’t put too much food in, it turns out that there might be a medial reason behind it, but I’ll come back to you on that later on.

I was choking out, turning blue, I couldn’t shout , there was no point in calling 999, there was no one home but me , my thoughts turned to “shit I might not make it” , I literally took matters into my own hands and attempted to make myself sick….i failed, I was panic struck, so I did the only thing I could think of and stuck my hand down my throat to get the offending piece of meat , I , it worked and my airways rushed with oxygen again I was emotional, I had come SO close to not making it.

Within seconds I recalled what happened to me as a toddler and worried that this incident was going to set me back on the eating disorder road again

but the thing with adversity is, its not what happens to you, its how you deal with it.

So the next day I had exacity the same meal and you know what , it was fine, I was a little worried, but it was fine and to this day, I have since had no problems in trying new things and now have a very healthy diet , properly balanced like never before.


I have admittedly gained a couple of stone in the last 12 months , it’s under control and I am not worried, mainly because it can be fully  explained and I am now losing weight back to where I was 12 months ago, so lets look at the reasons:

1:  Trying a MILLION different types of new foods -Some healthy, some not, it’s a whole new world and it’s taken time to re adjust , speaking of unhealthy foods, I give you !!!!

Gaz VS Food not Man VS Food

Gaz VS Food not Man VS Food

2: I have been diagnosed with Spinal stenosis, slipped disks and arthritis meaning my time on the bike has been very much limited , I have still managed to get a few KOMS though fearless riding though :0) , all other activity has lead to debilitating  pain , I have no intention of giving up staying fit, but things have changed for me now, there also maybe further medical diagnosis headed my way.

3: Starting a new Job , with FARRRRRR too many biscuits and a load of take aways far too close.

So , how do you deal with it , you remember that you and you alone are in charge of your future .

I now spend the time cooking pasta each evening for work the next day to avoid to Take Away Temptation , I drink 2 liters of water (admittedly sometimes with a shot of Vimto) to stave off the biscuit temptations , and where my lifestyle and heath allows , I try and get in a few miles on the bike, albeit slower than before.

bMC amazing shrinking gaz the former 39 stone cyclist

I have taken control of my eating disorder  for good, I have discovered foods from around the world and I have taken back control over my food intake once again , it’s not easy , but as long as you keep an eye on the “NEVER ENDING FINISHING LINE ” you , like me, can achieve ANYTHING , no matter what your physical state.


I have also got a review of something called a “Firefly device” coming up in the next few weeks, anyone want me to run a competition to win one ?

firefly device





PS, My fav photo of 2013

39 stone cyclist

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