Who Missed It? Here is my TV Slot. Thanks to ITV, Century TV & YouTube.

27 09 2012

Some of you missed it, some because you are not in the UK and thus, couldn’t watch it anyway. So, like the post man, I always deliver.

Thanks to ITV and Century TV for allowing me to add it to youtube and here on the 39 stone cyclists blog, here is my tv interview about weight loss and cycling.


Enjoy? Let me know your thoughts.

A couple of random bits to add, I have been talking on a micro blogging, tweet related site about a #teamgaz idea I have, if you have lost weight cycling and want to be part of a new team that I am trying to get approval from British cycling for, you need to be able to average at least 19mph in a group over 50 miles AND have lost a good chunk of weight cycling.

and for those at the start of the journey, I am looking at a Challenge Gaz sportive, whereby you race me, I get a time handicap for the amount of weight difference between us  and then we go hell for leather over 52 miles (I was 39 stone, plus 13 that I am now, is 52 miles) again, its in its early stages but if this is something for you, then let me know.



Ride Safe




8 responses

27 09 2012
Toby Field (@FatCycleRider)

I saw you on the Cycle Show. Well done.

I’d be interested in the #teamgaz idea but not sure I could average 19mph. Maybe I could in a peloton.

28 09 2012


17.5 mph alone should get you to 19 in a group tbh

28 09 2012
Toby Field (@FatCycleRider)

I think that may be possible with the right training.

30 09 2012

Good lad

27 09 2012


Why don’t we just present the trophy to you right now and skip the formality of getting our butts kicked? Many of us have lost weight cycling. Very few of us, if any, have dropped as many stones in the bucket as you have. Furthermore, many of us–me included–are not spring chickens any more. I am 62 and still losing weight, thanks to your inspiration. Riding at 19 miles an hour presently requires at least a 1% downgrade and a minimum tailwind of 16.2 kph. Once, when I was 39 and in great condition (an ex-American football linebacker, at that time still weighing 240 pounds), I managed to hold onto a 23 mph paceline for 40 miles only by wheelsucking a pair of tandem bicycles. The paceline I refer to formed behind me when other riders on the tour (Cycle Oregon) saw what fun I was having sitting on the constantly alternating second wheel.

If you want a club, fine and dandy; but save your racing for your Cat 2 and Cat 3 buddies. The rest of us are mostly recreational cyclists and lost the weight so we would have more years of seeing our children and grandchildren, watching the scenery go by from our Brooks saddles, and smelling the roses as we pedal our arses around the countryside. Otherwise, I for one will not be joining–or even able to relate to–your level of youth and current fitness. Your inspiration for me comes from the commitment you made to get healthy, the success you achieved, and the life you have made for yourself as a former fatty. Joining an elite group of cyclists for me is neither realistic nor inspiring. Having thrown away all my blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes medication however, is.

By the way, as one from across the Pond, thank you for securing the video of your interview.


28 09 2012

Hummmm some really good points, I guess being ultra competitive has given me a single focus that everyone wants to get as quick me myself, but you raise some bloody good points

Think I’ll refine the idea :0)

Hopefully you enjoyed the video?

30 09 2012
Clive Chapman

Your man from across the pond has nailed that one mate!

30 09 2012

Man up Chapman, your my planned lead out man.

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